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So what’s the difference?
Typically, the only significant difference after a vasectomy is that the sperm normally produced is missing from the semen. The glands that produce semen are not changed by a vasectomy. Sperm is such a tiny portion of the total ejaculation fluid (about 2 percent) that the change can’t be noticed. Even the color and consistency of the ejaculate are not changed.

There’s no effect on “masculinity,” either. The man’s body continues to produce hormones as before, and there is no change in any of the male characteristics such as beard or voice. Testosterone continues to be produced and released into the bloodstream. Testicles continue to manufacture sperm, but they don’t leave the body. Unused sperm are simply absorbed by the body as normally occurs with or without a vasectomy.

In Summary:
Talk candidly with your spouse and your doctor.
A vasectomy will not decrease your sex drive.
The procedure only eliminates your ability to father a child.
Sterility is not immediate; your doctor will need to test you and advise.
Vasectomy is no protection against sexually transmitted disease (STD).
You can still have an erection and ejaculate.
The body continues to produce hormones.
Male characteristics (voice, beard) are not affected.

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