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Common reasons given for having a vasectomy.
You want to enjoy sex without worrying about pregnancy.
You do not want to have more children than you can care for.
Your partner has health problems that might make pregnancy difficult.
You do not want to risk passing on a hereditary disease or disability.
You and your partner don’t want to or can’t use other kinds of birth control.
You want to save your partner from the surgery involved in having her tubes tied and you want to save the expense.

How can I be sure that I want a vasectomy?
You must be absolutely sure that you don’t want to father a child under any circumstances. You must talk to your partner and it certainly is a good idea to make this decision together, consider other kinds of birth control and talk to friends or relatives who may have had a vasectomy. Think about how you would feel if your partner had an unplanned pregnancy. Talk to your doctor, nurse, or family planning counselor.

A vasectomy might not be right for you if you are very young, if your current relationship is not permanent, if you are having a vasectomy just to please your partner and you do not really want it, you are under a lot of stress or you are counting on being able to reverse the procedure at a later time.

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